Vapiano in Zurich is a highly popular restaurant branch of the famous Vapiano chain. However the restaurant is incredibly busy. There was high demand for a delivery service however the restaurant was incredibly busy and had no kitchen capacity to provide this.

The CEO of the business, Enrico Sodano, was keen to offer delivery to his Zurich customers. One way to do this would be through a delivery only store.


The challenge of launching a delivery only store would be managing the high volume of orders effectively and smartly in a country where labour costs are high. Performing hundreds of deliveries a day would typically require several dedicated dispatchers and many drivers creating a high fixed cost.


  • Co-development

    Captain worked closely with Enrico to launch a fully automated delivery software for Vapiano Zurich. The Captain solution would automatically dispatch and manage all orders, negating the need for dedicated dispatchers and saving $1000’s in labour costs every month. Captain’s solution was also built to manage the grouping and routing of orders at high volume, making deliveries faster and fresher.

    Captains solution included automated dispatching, driver apps to fulfill deliveries and customer tracking in real-time.

    By working closely with Enrico and his expert knowledge in food delivery, Captain was able to co-develop a solution that continues to grow with both teams.

  • Pioneering

    The forward thinking approach of Enrico, the CEO, meant that the restaurant was able to rely on Captain for dispatching and therefore built their restaurant and operations around the Captain delivery software. Vapiano Zurich used the full automation power of Captain including kitchen apps optimising the preparations times for chefs, automation optimising the grouping of orders and driver apps helping the drivers deliver multiple orders faster.

  • Empowering Business Growth

    Through the use of Captain, Enrico was empowered to be able to launch a delivery only branch with lower fixed costs and the confidence that high volume deliveries could be managed quickly and efficiently. By automating deliveries and lowering costs Captain enables Enrico to launch delivery only stores in one of the most labor expensive countries in the world. This allows the expansion of his business with lower risk.