Captain AI is a suite of solutions designed to support your delivery operations and delight your customers. Captain uses a combination of web based software as well as mobile applications to co-ordinate your drivers and help your restaurant do smarter deliveries.

We let you pick and choose the solutions that you need the most to help you reduce delivery costs and/or increase your repeat revenue from delivery orders.

Captain uses a tailor made and collaborative approach with each of the companies we work with. We are on-demand delivery experts and are excited to share our knowledge with you.


Customer Tracking

Increase Revenue

Our white label customer tracking page is designed to level the playing field. It allows you to provide the same level of customer experience UBER and Deliveroo provide without the attached costs. This enables you to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, win new business and increase revenue.

Manage Expectations & Improve Customer Service

Customers hate to be left out of the loop. Their expectations in today's world are at an all time high. They have to be kept informed. Our real time tracking does just that. This significantly improves the service they receive meaning your customer is more likely to spread the love, by recommending your brand to family and friends.

Customer Feedback

Increase Customer Insight

The best way to gain customer insight is directly from them. By providing your customers with fun, quick and easy feedback forms after their delivery you gain immediate and detailed actionable info.

Resolve Customer Issues Immediately

Managers will see customer feedback in real time allowing them to resolve their issues quickly, showing customers that you really do care! This will increase customer retention across the board, driving your revenue up.

Improve Driver Performance

Allow your customers to rate your drivers. Then identify and reward your unsung heros by giving them the recognition they deserve. This will increase driver efficiency, improve customer service and increase revenue.

Driver Application

Faster Deliveries

Our Driver App provides your driver’s with all the details of their deliveries, the optimal order to complete them in and the fastest routes for them to take. This means they can do what they do best… Drive and Deliver.

Real-time GPS Data

“Where are all my drivers?” Don’t worry our driver application relays in real time the location of your drivers, giving your managers the insight they desperately want and need to manage the restaurant efficiently. This significantly saves time and money in calling drivers to find out where they are.

Automated Dispatch

Reduce Staff Costs

Fully automate the routing, grouping and assignment of orders to drivers. By doing this you reduce the number of people needed to run your delivery operation decreasing staff costs.

Improve Delivery Times

By automating your dispatch and letting Captain make the decisions you can deliver faster, smarter and more consistently. Captain’s advanced algorithms look at all possible combinations of deliveries and drivers to work out which driver should do which delivery, resulting in faster deliveries and less late deliveries.

Kitchen App

More Efficient Kitchens

Many restaurants cook orders as soon as they come in resulting in orders being ready before the driver has arrived and the kitchen being overloaded at times. Captain intelligently advises the kitchen to cook orders at exactly the right time so that the food is fresh on the driver’s arrival and the kitchen doesn't get overloaded. Chefs want to know what to cook and when. It is the only way they can keep on top of a busy kitchen. Our Kitchen App does just that. It keeps your Chef and his team informed by providing them with only the information they need.

Informed Teams

Our Kitchen App ensures your delivery team knows what your kitchen is cooking. It eliminates miscommunication and keeps teams on the same page allowing them to work in harmony increasing their output.

Real-time Data

Reduce Driver Cost

“How many drivers should I put on and when?”. Our data suite will tell you the optimal number you need and when they should start and finish their shifts. This means your restaurants are never paying for more than they need, significantly reducing your labour costs.

Real-time Insights

Real time insights allow your managers to keep an eye on things. They can reward success and also prevent mistakes. Enabling them to make informed decisions that save you money, increasing your revenue.