There are many factors which go into making a delivery decision, some obvious, and some which are often forgotten. Most automated delivery solutions make the mistake of optimising one delivery at the expense of others. Captain’s approach is to optimise all deliveries to ensure customers get a consistent delivery experience.

When allocating deliveries to drivers, Captain optimises multiple variables. Captain’s primary goal is to reduce delivery times for your restaurant, however in addition to this it also reduces the amount of time food spends at your restaurant and in transit, resulting in customers receiving better quality food fresh from the kitchen.

To get these results, Captain considers a wide range of factors when allocating and merging orders for delivery. Captain looks at millions of combinations of drivers, deliveries, groupings and routes to work out in seconds the best solution.


Captain utilises Artificial Intelligence and data science to achieve our results. We use a range of tools, ranging from specialised routing algorithms in our dispatching solutions to Machine Learning for our orders and shift predictions.

By employing these tools, businesses can reduce human error and bias. For example, manual dispatching can be highly effective at off peak times at low volumes, as there are fewer variables the human brain has to take into account when making decisions. However, at peak times, the number of variables the human brain has to deal with to make optimal delivery decisions is impossible for us to even comprehend. Even looking at 20 deliveries with 10 drivers and 5 other variables to optimise can lead to millions of possible combinations. Captains artificial intelligence can look at millions of solutions in seconds and suggest the best combinations to get the results you want.

Machine Learning algorithms are built to crunch numbers, and identify trends which are simply undetectable to the human brain. When trained with the correct data, it can be used to accurately predict the number of orders a branch will receive on a hourly basis. Captain’s prediction algorithms could take into account variables such as weather, historical data and customer and driver behaviour. These predictions can be invaluable when scheduling drivers and ordering supplies as your teams will then know exactly what to expect.


Our team has been operating at the forefront of the on-demand delivery market in London since its conception. We have deep expertise in building artificial intelligence to optimise logistics. Our lead data scientist specialising in building intelligent algorithms for routing and optimisation.

Our team has built and tested mobile apps used by drivers to deliver 1000’s of deliveries. Our team has specialised in building the entire technology needed to perform on-demand deliveries.