Captain is built by a team of experts in on-demand delivery. We love the challenges faced by restaurants with their own drivers and enjoy solving these challenges using technology. We are a technology team with deep expertise with delivering food quickly and efficiently. We have personally run and managed operations for on-demand delivery including managing driver fleets ourselves.

Captain’s team has years of experience in building technology for delivery. We are expert’s in the on-demand delivery world and love working with restaurants to optimise their delivery operations. Our team has experts in artificial intelligence, technology and hospitality.


Exclusively built for delivery restaurants

Having worked closely with restaurants across London we have been able gained unrivaled knowledge of the industry enabling us to build our solutions specific to the needs of restaurant industry

The only restaurant solution using Automation

Having listened to the wishes of restaurant owners and managers across Europe, we have built our solutions so that deliveries can be dispatched automatically and routing and grouping of deliveries can be done intelligently to achieve the fastest deliveries for your customers.


We combine our expertise in on demand delivery technology with your industry expertise. Through collaboration we are then able to tailor our software to your organisation to create a solution bespoke to you.We combine our expertise in on demand delivery technology together with your industry expertise and unique needs. We work closely with you to make a solution that fits the needs specific to your individual brand or restaurant branch.

“The Captain solution is built for your needs as a business”

Consultative Approach

Our consultative approach means we work closely with your teams throughout the business. Right from your delivery drivers through to your c-suite we ensure the solutions we are implementing together are right for you and your team.

We try to understand the problems you face and offer insight we have learned from our previous experiences and come up with a solution together. We can look at your current operations and help highlight strengths and weaknesses.

Tailor Made Solutions

All of our solutions have been designed so they can be tailored to fit your brand and the way your particular business operates. We understand every business is unique and there is no one size fits all solution.

We tailor make each Captain solution to match your needs and then continually iterate on this with you as we get your feedback.