driver app

21st Century Restaurant Delivery Software Made Easy

Captain is the powerful and simple restaurant delivery management software you need to take full control of your delivery operations.

dispatch app

Dispatch App

Make better dispatching decisions

Live delivery locations

See your delivery area on a map and watch your deliveries appear live as they come in. You can group deliveries together in ways that make the most sense to improve number of drops per delivery, making better use of your drivers and faster deliveries.


Take advantage of Captain's intelligent automation settings and let Captain automatically group orders together and assign them to the best driver for the job. Save on dispatcher costs and make faster decisions leading to faster deliveries.

Live driver tracking

Track all of your drivers live on your delivery map and see when they complete orders and when they return. This enhanced visibility means you can prepare the right delivery at the right time and have it ready to go into your driver's hands the moment they arrive back in store, resulting in faster deliveries. Answer customer queries easily by locating drivers on your delivery map.

Dispatch made easy with simple click and point

Anyone can dispatch using the Captain Dispatch App. It's as simple as clicking on a delivery and then clicking on a driver to assign them deliveries. Train your staff quickly and easily.

driver app

Driver App

Help your drivers deliver more efficiently

Easy to use

Simple and easy to use driver app designed for fast learning and quick deliveries

Reduce driver errors

Reduce the number of errors by giving drivers the correct address details and order information through the driver app

Live tracking using smartphone app

Simply downloads onto your driver's iOS or Android smartphone and uses phones location tracking to locate your driver. Can work on driver's own phone or company phones

One click directions

One click to get directions to your customers address or back to base using the GPS tracker of your drivers choice (Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps)

Dispatch anywhere

Use Captain's driver app to send delivery jobs to your drivers no matter where they are. Whether they are at your restaurant or off site they can still receive delivery information and notificaitons

kitchen app

Kitchen App

Optimise your kitchen

Keep customers informed

If you like to keep your customers informed on every stage of their order, Captain's Kitchen App enables your chefs to mark orders as ready. Customers get live updates on this, making them feel empowered and engaged with your brand.

Faster Deliveries

By using the Kitchen App and cooking the right order at the right time, it means when your drivers get back to store, their orders are ready for their next job, meaning less time waiting in store for orders and shorter delivery times for customers.

Less stressed Chefs

Kitchens can get really busy and it's difficult to know which order to cook and when. Captain's Kitchen App intelligently works out which order needs to be cooked next and helps chefs to prioritise.

manager app

Manager Portal

Know your business inside and out

Web Dashboard in the cloud

Access your store delivery data from any computer anywhere and anytime without being restricted to being in store.

Realtime delivery information

Make better decisions by knowing the number of deliveries in store, the drivers on road and your delivery times for the day.

Live Driver Tracking

Look into each and every order to know when it was started, prepared, dispatched and delivered. Trace every order on a map to know the route that was taken.

Know the history of every order

Search for historical orders and check see how long each stage of the order took, what route the driver took, and what items were delivered.

customer tracking

Customer Tracking

Keep your customers coming back for more with live order tracking

No smartphone needed

Captain tracking simply texts web links to your customers who can then open it on their phones and track their drivers live.

Live tracking

Your customer can track their order and driver live on a map that updates as the driver moves

World class experience

Offer a tracking experience equivalent to that of global brands

customer feedback

Customer Feedback

Instant Customer Feedback

Captain tracking simply sends an SMS to your customer who can open a link on the web to leave feedback on their driver and their order

Direct feedback to the manager app

Customer feedback appears instantly on the Captain manager app empowering your team to react quickly and help customers

Keep customers coming back

By responding to customers quickly you will lose less customers and keep them coming back for more

Improve you operations

Customer feedback on drivers, food and deliveries gives you the knowledge you need to improve your operations