Improve your delivery operation with data

The Manager Portal provides admin tools and tangible tracking of metrics for delivery operations, allowing managers to use data for informed decision-making and meaningful performance tracking.

Understand Your Performance

Understand Your Performance

Track delivery time, cook time, deliveries per hour, number of orders per route and more. Spotting improvements in any one of these areas could be the key to taking your operation from good to excellent.

Provide Superior Customer Support

Provide Superior Customer Support

Give your managers informed customer data to power customer recovery, and track customer feedback data to recognize successes and proactively manage failures.

Manager Portal

Reports & Metrics

Problem Solving

Customer Feedback

Gain Meaningful Insights into your Operations

Give managers access to tangible metrics for your entire delivery operation to power more informed operational and marketing decisions.

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Everything in One Place

Everything your managers need to analyze your delivery operation will live in one convenient place. Need to look up the timeline and route for a specific order? Want to know what average delivery time your team is running compared to last year? Thinking of adjusting your delivery zone but not sure what area would be the best? Consult the Manager Portal.

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Gain a deeper understanding of your restaurant operation now with Captain Manager Portal